IMG_8871Knopsvane, Cygnus olorFiskehejre, Ardea cineraGravand, Tadorna tadornaGraa-and_han_6Graa-and, Anas platyrhynchosGråand, Anas platyrhynchosGråspurv, Passer domesticusKErlighed i dyrehaven9IMG_3276IMG_3299IMG_3317IMG_3442IMG_3653IMG_3799IMG_4625IMG_4816IMG_5277 - Version 2IMG_5353IMG_5360IMG_6246IMG_6289_edited-1IMG_8141_edited-2IMG_8924IMG_9308Knopsvane, Cygnus olorMusvit, Parus major
Toppet Lappedykker, Podiceps cristatus
_MG_5263_MG_5320_MG_5379_MG_5459 (1)_MG_1669_MG_1667IMG_4479_MG_9759_MG_9754_MG_1510_MG_1575_MG_1588_MG_1433_MG_2835_MG_2763

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Kristian Poulsen

About Kristian Poulsen

My name is Kristian Poulsen. I am 32 years old. I live in Bagsværd near Copenhagen, with my wife and my two sons. I have always been very interested in the nature surrounding us. In the middle of 2007 I decided to invest in my first DSLR camera. I am a hundred percent dedicated nature photographer and loves to capture the insects, wildlife, plants and landscapes surrounding us. In 2008, KP-FOTO became a VAT registered business. I am also a member of the associations NFD (The Society of Danish Nature Photographers) and SDF (Society for Danish photography).
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